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Accountability and inclusive decision making

European citizens have a democratic right to participate in the EU’s decision-making process. As the bridge between European citizens and the EU administration, the European Ombudsman seeks to ensure that this right is upheld.

For citizens to be able to exercise their right to participate in EU decision making and hold those involved to account, deliberations on law and policy must be sufficiently transparent. In addition to the Ombudsman’s regular work on public access to EU documents, she has also taken a more systemic approach to transparent law making and accountability.

Public participation in decision making also ensuring that the processes and practices in the EU administration are fit-for-purpose. This implies that tools for citizen participation, such as public consultations and the European Citizens’ Initiative, are inclusive and accessible.

The Ombudsman also seeks to ensure that the EU administration lives up to its commitments concerning multilingualism. EU citizens and the public must be able to engage meaningfully with the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies in the 24 official EU languages.