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The European Ombudsman's 20th Anniversary Colloquium

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The European Ombudsman's 20th Anniversary Colloquium

Date: 22 Jun 2015 09:00 CEST - 22 Jun 2015 18:00 CEST

Host: European Ombudsman

City: Brussels


About the event

Democracy and accountability in the EU: the role of the European Ombudman

This year sees the 20th Anniversary of the institution of the European Ombudsman. For the first of two events in 2015 to mark this occasion, the Ombudsman, Ms Emily O'Reilly organises a Colloquium which gathers academics and practitioners. The event is honoured by the presence of the two former European Ombudsmen, Mr Jacob Söderman and Professor P. Nikiforos Diamandouros.


For technical reasons, live webstreaming is not available in the hotel premises. However, a video recording of each session will be produced and will be made available on this website shorlty after the event.


Opening adress, introduction and Observations from former European Ombudsmen


Session 1: The European Ombudsman: a resilient institution in a turbulent administrative system


Session 2: Controlling the institution that appoints you? The relationship between the European Ombudsman and the European Parliament


Session 3: The European Ombudsman: political independence and public awareness


Session 4: Ombudsprudence as a source of law and of good behaviour: the case of transparency and participation


Session 5: Where courts do not enter: discretion and good administration


Session 6: New perspectives for the European Ombudsman opened by the Lisbon Treaty


Conclusion: The Médiateur européen’s actions beyond mediation



By invitation only.


Programme of the European Ombudsman's 20th Anniversary Colloquium - Democracy and accountability in the EU: the role of the European Ombudsman


Further information:

Catherine Vaudé
Assistant to the Secretary General
Tel.:+33 3 88 17 31 31
Contact: Catherine Vaudé