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Decision Appointing the Selection Board for the selection procedure OMB/8/2015

The Ombudsman

Having regard to the European Ombudsman's decision of 7 December 2010 concerning the filling of temporary posts in the European Ombudsman's establishment plan, and in particular Section 4 relating to the selection procedure;

Having regard to section 7 of the call for expression of interest OMB/8/2015, which foresees that a Selection Board is appointed to examine and assess all applications and to interview suitable candidates with a view to drawing up a reserve list of a maximum of five candidates;

Having regard to the decision of the European Ombudsman of 26 May 2014, on the publication of names of Selection Board members in staff selection procedures;

Considering that, since 16 March 2015, the Staff of the European Ombudsman did not elect a Staff Committee which could be consulted for the appointment of Selection Board members;


Article 1

The Selection Board shall be composed of Mr Fergal O'Regan (chair), Ms Rosita Agnew and Ms Tina Nilsson.

Article 2

Ms Félicia Voltzenlogel will serve as the secretariat of the Selection Board.

Strasbourg, 23/07/15

Emily O'Reilly

European Ombudsman