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Decision in case 1307/2016/LW on the failure by the European Commission to answer correspondence

1. The complainant wrote to the European Commission asking it to inquire into  the alleged failure of the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to investigate her complaint against a mobile operator. As the complainant did not receive a reply to, or an acknowledgment of receipt of, her complaint to the Commission, she turned to the Ombudsman.

2. The Office of the Ombudsman made contact with the relevant service of the European Commission. The service then replied to the complainant.

3. The European Commission apologised to the complainant for the delay in replying and for not having acknowledged receipt of her complaint. The Commission informed the complainant that her complaint had been registered and it provided her with the reference numbers.

4. As the matter thus is settled, the case is closed.



Strasbourg, 24/10/2016