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Decision of the European Ombudsman on complaint 537/98/VK against the European Parliament

Strasbourg, 13 January 1999

Dear Mrs G.,
On 22 May 1998, you made a complaint to the European Ombudsman against the European Parliament. In your complaint, you claimed that the Parliament had wrongly refused your application for an internal competition (C/347).
On 30 June 1998, I forwarded the complaint to the President of the European Parliament. The Parliament sent its opinion on 23 September 1998. In substance, the Parliament stated that the refusal of your application was correct as you did not hold the position of civil servant or temporary agent at this institution at the time of the application. As regards your argument that you were de facto working for the Parliament within the framework of the Common Visitors Programme of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, the Parliament stated that even if this was the case, you had the status of a temporary agent of the Council of Europe and not of the European Parliament.
I forwarded the comments of the Parliament to you with an invitation to make observations. On 17 December 1998, I received a letter from you in which you stated that you wished to withdraw the complaint.
I hereby inform you that I consider the case closed.
The President of the European Parliament will also be informed of this decision.
Yours sincerely