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Decision appointing the Advisory Selection Committee for the selection procedure OMB/6/2021 ICT Applications Developer - Temporary post - AST 3

The Ombudsman

Having regard to the call for expression of interest OMB/6/2021 published on 26 April 2021;

Having regard to the decision of the European Ombudsman of 26 May 2014, on the publication of names of Advisory Selection Committee members in staff selection procedures;

Considering that the Advisory Selection Committee should assist the Appointing Authority with the assessment of the applications;

Considering that an Advisory Committee is appointed and that it should include a representative of the Staff Committee identified by the latter;


Article 1

The Advisory Selection Committee shall be composed of:

Ms Marie-Pierre Darchy, Head of Office Department at OIB-OS, European Commission[1] (Chair); Mr Alessandro Del Bon, Head of the Personnel Administration and Budget Unit, European Ombudsman, Mr Massimo Ezzy, IT Officer, European Ombudsman (designated by the Staff Committee) and Mr Giuseppe Fraccalvieri, ICT Applications Specialist, European Parliament.

Article 2

Ms Félicia Voltzenlogel will serve as the secretariat of the Advisory Selection Committee.


Emily O'Reilly


[1] Director for Administration at the European Ombudsman as of 16 June 2021.