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Decision appointing the Selection Committee for the selection procedure OMB/6/2022 - Temporary agent - AD5

The Ombudsman

Having regard to:

- the call for expression of interest OMB/6/2022 published on 25 July 2022;

- the Decision of the Ombudsman of 12 September 2022 appointing the members of the Selection Committee for the above-mentioned selection procedure and the subsequent decision of two of its members to withdraw;

- the decision of the European Ombudsman of 26 May 2014, on the publication of names of Selection Committee members in staff selection procedures;

Considering that

- the Selection Committee is appointed by the Ombudsman and it could include a representative of the Staff Committee identified by the latter


Article 1

The Selection Committee shall be composed of:

  • Ms Tina Nilsson, Head of Case-handling unit (Chair),
  • Mr Christophe Lesauvage, Legal Expert ;
  • Ms Silvia Fuller, Inquiries Officer and
  • Mr Peter Bonnor, Inquiries Officer, (designated by the Staff Committee).

Article 2

Ms Zinovia Assimakopoulou, Head of Human Resources, will serve as the secretariat of the Selection Committee.

Article 3

This decision annuls and replaces the decision of the Ombudsman of 12 September 2022.


Strasbourg, 17/10/2022


Emily O'Reilly