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The European Border and Coast Guard Agency’s failure to maintain a public register of documents and other issues related

The Ombudsman opened an inquiry into how the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) registers documents in the context of its obligations under EU rules on public access to documents. The inquiry is based on a complaint, which contends that Frontex does not maintain a proper public register and that it should publish annually how many sensitive documents it decides not to include in its register. The complainant also raises concerns with how Frontex deals with certain requests for public access to documents.

In the context of the inquiry, the Ombudsman set out a number of solution proposals to Frontex, to address some of the issues she identified in how it complies with its obligations to maintain a public register of documents. Frontex replied to the Ombudsman, setting out a number of steps it intends to take to implement her solution proposal in the short, medium and long term. The Ombudsman welcomed Frontex’s decision to accept her proposal for a solution and, given that she also found no maladministration in relation to how it deals with requests for access from non-EU residents, closed the inquiry.