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OLAF's investigation concerning the complainant, following the publication of the article "Cash for Legislation" by the UK newspaper 'The Sunday Times'

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  • Case: 2515/2011/CK
    Opened on 31 Jan 2012 - Decision on 27 Sep 2013
  • Institution(s) concerned: European Anti-Fraud Office
  • Field(s) of law: General, financial and institutional matters
  • Types of maladministration alleged – (i) breach of, or (ii) breach of duties relating to: Reasonable time-limit for taking decisions [Article 17 ECGAB]
  • Subject matter(s): Institutional and policy matters


1) OLAF conducted its investigation concerning the complainant in a discriminatory manner because it concluded another investigation regarding another MEP quickly, whereas its investigation concerning the complainant is still ongoing.

2) OLAF failed to conclude its investigation concerning the complainant within a reasonable time.


Acting in accordance with its duties, OLAF should take urgent measures to close its investigation concerning the complainant and inform him accordingly.