Искате да подадете жалба срещу
институция или орган на ЕС?

Тематични доклади

Този раздел разглежда публикуването на редица тематични доклади, които имат за цел да представят мнението и позициите на омбудсмана относно стратегически важни теми в работа ѝ или относно по–общи въпроси, свързани с процедурите.

В тематичните доклади обикновено се поставя акцент върху теми, за които омбудсманът има особено ценен принос за подпомагане на жалбоподателите и за поддържане на високи стандарти на добра администрация.

Докладите в тази секция ще се добавят след като бъдат налични.

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Apologising as a means of putting things right - A practical guide for EU civil servants

Петък | 27 октомври 2017

A. Introduction This is a practical guide on how to frame ‘apologies’ as a means of putting things right. It lists factors which, from the European Ombudsman’s (EO) experience, are important in determining whether an apology can be an appropriate form of redress where there has been maladministration. This guide is concerned solely with situations in which an apology will have a subjective and per...

Award of tenders

Понеделник | 09 октомври 2017

Thematic paper[i] A. Introduction The EU institutions and bodies use ‘calls for tenders’ to decide on the allocation of funding for projects under EU programmes, as well as for purchasing services, works and goods for internal purposes. EU institutions and bodies also monitor tender procedures carried out by external actors responsible for EU programmes, i.e. indirectly managed by the EU instituti...

Own-initiative inquiries

Понеделник | 09 октомври 2017

Thematic paper[i] A. Introduction This paper describes the role of own-initiative inquiries (OIIs) in the work of the European Ombudsman (EO). The legal basis for OIIs is laid down in Article 228 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). This empowers the Ombudsman to conduct inquiries for which she finds grounds not only on the basis of complaints but also on her own initiati...

The respect for and pursuit of fundamental rights

Вторник | 17 януари 2017

Thematic paper[i] A. Introduction Fundamental rights, including the right to good administration, set out a normative framework which EU institutions must respect - not as a matter of preferable, and to some extent negotiable, administrative conduct but as a matter of individual right. They spell out the fundamental values, which the Union undertakes to respect and base its actions on. Fundamental...