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Summary of the decision in case 1686/2017/THH on the European Commission’s handling of a request for public access to documents on industry lobbying on the Preparatory Action on Defence Research and the EDRP

Налични езици :  en
  • Случай :  1686/2017/THH
    Открит на 2017-9-29 - Решение от 2018-7-6
  • Относно институция(и) :  Европейска комисия

The case concerned the European Commission’s handling of the complainant’s request for access to documents regarding meetings between Commission officials and the defence industry. The Commission took three months to answer the complainant’s initial request. The complainant turned to the Ombudsman after waiting a further six months for the Commission’s reply to his request for a review of its decision.

In the course of the Ombudsman’s inquiry, the Commission replied to the complainant’s request for review. The Ombudsman examined the grounds put forward by the Commission for only partially disclosing some of the documents requested.

The Ombudsman closed the inquiry with a finding of maladministration as regards the delays in the Commission’s response.