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Decision appointing the Advisory Selection Committee for the selection procedure OMB/5/2017 - Senior Case handler AD9

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The Ombudsman

Having regard to the European Ombudsman's Decision concerning the recruitment of contract agents of 01 December 2014, and in particular Article 4 relating to the selection procedure;

Considering that an Advisory Selection Committee is appointed and that it should include a representative of the Staff Committee identified by the latter;


Article 1

The Advisory Selection Committee shall be composed of Ms Beate Gminder (chair), Ms Marta Hirsch-Ziembinska, Mr Graham Smith, and Mr Antonis Antoniadis (designated by the Staff Committee).

Article 2

Ms Félicia Voltzenlogel will serve as the secretariat of the Advisory Selection Committee.

Strasbourg, 06/10/2017

Emily O'Reilly