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In focus

The Ombudsman launches her Annual Report for 2018

Concerns about transparency in the EU administration accounted for the biggest proportion of the Ombudsman's cases (24.6%) in 2018, while the number of complaints rose by 17%.  In 2018, the Ombudsman :

-issued a Special Report to the European Parliament asking it to support her proposals on improving transparency in the Council of the EU  

-carried out a public consultation on the use of languages by the EU institutions

-published a number of proposals to strengthen revolving door rules in the EU institutions

-drew up a list of best practices for preventing harassment in the EU administration.

What we do

The European Ombudsman works to promote good administration at EU level. The Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration by EU institutions and bodies, as well as proactively looking into broader systemic issues.