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Emily O'Reilly - Curriculum Vitæ

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  • National Ombudsman of Ireland - National information Commissioner of Ireland (2003-2013)
    Appointed by the Irish President in 2003, re-appointed for a further six-year term in 2009.
  • Received both times unanimous support of Irish Parliament and enjoys very strong reputation for fairness and impartiality across the political spectrum.
  • Recognised independence, high-profile and proactive tenure has directly influenced key reforms in critical areas of public administration including a newly created Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Oversight, far reaching and progressive Freedom of Information legislation, and to greatly enhanced and productive engagement with the Irish Parliament.
  • Widely disseminated public speeches and broadcasts on key areas of Irish political, social and cultural life, have underscored strong commitment to public outreach and to strategic communication.
  • Active and high-profile member of the global and European networks of Ombudsmen and Information Commissioners and served as the first Irish Chairperson of the British and Irish Ombudsman Association between 2007 and 2009. ,
  • Her international reputation has seen her deliver expert opinion and advice on Ombudsman and transparency issues throughout the world including South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and Europe.
  • Under her tenure, the role of the Ombudsman has been expanded to include protection of people with disabilities.
  • Appointed in 2007 as Irelands first Commissioner for Environmental Information, making legally binding decisions on the release of records, appealable to the courts.


Her central national role as the overseer of Irish public administration is recognised through membership of the public Irish Commissions on

Standards in Public Office, Public Service Appointments, Constituencies, and Referendums.

Through the Referendum Commission she was involved in the creation and implementation of impartial public information campaigns on the Treaty of Lisbon and on the Treaty on Stability, Coordination, and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union.

As former political editor, broadcaster and author, her career attracted significant domestic and international recognition including a Harvard University Fellowship in 1988 and multiple national awards.

Has written three critically acclaimed books on Irish politics and media and is a current member of the International Advisory Board of Harvard's Nleman Foundation for Journalism.

Graduate of University College Dublin with a Degree in European Languages and Literature (1979) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Education from Trinity College Dublin (1980).

Conferred with Honorary Doctorate in Laws by the National University in Ireland in 2008 for her work in promoting human rights throughout her career as a journalist and through her work as Ombudsman.

Working command of French, Irish and Spanish.

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