Meeting with the Speaker of the Polish Senate, Mr Bogdan Borusewicz

Meeting with the Speaker of the Polish Senate, Mr Bogdan Borusewicz

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Den Europæiske Ombudsmand behandler klager over fejl og forsømmelser i Den Europæiske Unions institutioner og organer.

Hvis man er statsborger i en af Unionens medlemsstater eller har fast bopæl i en medlemsstat, kan man indgive klage til Den Europæiske Ombudsmand. Virksomheder, foreninger og andre organer med hjemsted i Unionen kan også klage til Ombudsmanden.

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Annual salary review of EU delegations' local staff (Tilført den: 03-04-14)

Summary of the decision on complaint 714/2012/JF against the European External Action Service

The complainant is a staff representative in the Delegation of the European Union in Guyana (the 'Delegation'). When, in 2009, the European External Action Service (the 'EEAS') conducted the annual salary review of the local staff working at the Delegation, it was asked to consider the salary practices of three other international organisations present in the country. In addition, the local staff requested dependent child allowances. Having not received a satisfactory reply, the [...]

Alleged conflict of interest concerning an EFSA Working Group (Tilført den: 03-04-14)
Unfair refusal to accept a request for final payment following the termination of a contract (Tilført den: 17-03-14)
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16. april 2014 :  Ombudsman calls on Member States to back EU Transparency Register

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has called on the Council of the European Union to participate in the Transparency Register of EU interest representatives. She also encouraged the European Commission to follow the European Parliament's (EP) example of introducing much stronger incentives for lobbyists to register. This follows yesterday's vote on a revised Transparency Register in the EP.


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11. april 2014 :  Ombudsman calls on Commission to release Dalli documents
10. april 2014 :  The European Ombudsman pays tribute to the French Ombudsman, Dominique Baudis, who passed away this morning
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