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The Ombudsman recognises the important role that the media play in informing public opinion, enriching debate, and in increasing the visibility of her services in all the EU Member States. A pro-active media policy constitutes a central component of her activities and of her efforts to promote respect for rights under EU law and to improve the quality of administration.

For further information about the Ombudsman's media activities, please contact: Ms Gundi Gadesmann, Head of communication, Tel. +32 2 284 26 09.

Press releases

24 October 2016: Ombudsman launches “Award for Good Administration”

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, is launching an “Award for Good Administration” within the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. The award, which is a pilot project, seeks to recognise those ordinary staff who bring high standards of public service to their work either as individuals or as members of a team. This includes high standards of ethics, transparency and accountability. There may be an overall award in addition to category awards.



11 September 2016: Ombudsman welcomes further scrutiny of Barroso appointment
06 September 2016: Ombudsman calls on President Juncker to clarify position on Barroso appointment
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