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The Ombudsman recognises the important role that the media play in informing public opinion, enriching debate, and in increasing the visibility of her services in all the EU Member States. A pro-active media policy constitutes a central component of her activities and of her efforts to promote respect for rights under EU law and to improve the quality of administration.

For further information about the Ombudsman's media activities, please contact: Ms Gundi Gadesmann, Head of communication, Tel. +32 2 284 26 09.

Press releases

22 February 2016: Ombudsman tells Commission to report back on pesticides authorisation

The European Ombudsman‘s inquiry into the approval[1] of pesticides by the European Commission highlights concerns with the Commission's practice (known as the confirmatory data procedure) of approving the safe use of an active substance before it gets all of the data necessary to support that decision.

The Ombudsman notes the Commission's general acceptance of her proposals, made in June 2015, on how to improve the approval process for substances contained in pesticides but has asked for a follow-up report from the Commission by 18 [...]


11 February 2016: Ombudsman welcomes Eurogroup proactive transparency proposals
08 February 2016: Ombudsman regrets Commission stance on UN tobacco lobbying rules
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