My ambition is to support the EU institutions in becoming more effective, transparent and accountable by strategically increasing the visibility and impact of the work of the European Ombudsman.

Emily O'Reilly, 30 June 2014

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Transparency of trilogues

The European Ombudsman called for more transparency of EU law-making by publishing key documents in informal trilogues negotiations

Transparency concerns top Ombudsman cases in 2015

Concerns about transparency in the EU administration accounted for the biggest proportion of the Ombudsman's cases (22.4%) in 2015. The year also saw the Ombudsman open strategic inquiries into key issues while it was revealed that EU ...

Delay in chemicals testing

The Ombudsman in February opened a strategic inquiry into the delay in the European Commission's handling of over 200 proposals to test chemicals to determine potential harm to human reproductive health. The inquiry aims to find out ...

Improving tobacco lobbying transparency

The Ombudsman last October asked the Commission to proactively publish online all meetings of all Commission staff with tobacco lobbyists. In April, she followed up with a high-level discussion on the importance of transparency in ...

Improving expert group transparency

Citizens have a right to know what expert advice is being given to decision-makers and how it feeds into policy-making.  The Ombudsman has called on the Commission to publish comprehensive minutes of all expert group meetings. The ...

European Commission asked to report back on pesticides authorisation

An inquiry into the approval of pesticides highlighted concerns with the Commission's practice of approving the safe use of an active substance before it gets all of the data necessary to support that decision. The Ombudsman asked the ...

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What we do

The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union.

If you are a citizen of a Member State of the Union or reside in a Member State, you can make a complaint to the European Ombudsman. Businesses, associations or other bodies with a registered office in the Union may also complain to the Ombudsman.

Who we are

Emily O'Reilly took office as European Ombudsman on 1 October 2013.

She is the former National Ombudsman of Ireland and National information Commissioner of Ireland (2003-2013), and an award-winning political editor, broadcaster, and author.


The institution has a highly qualified, multilingual staff.

This means that we can deal with your complaint in your language as one of the 24 EU languages that we work in. We are committed to making our service fully accessible to people with disabilities.

How we do it

Want to know more about how we work?

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What's new?
  • 19 August 2016
    • Decision -
      Decision of the European Ombudsman on complaint 1510/2014/PL against the Research Executive Agency (REA) concerning the rejection of an application for funding
  • 11 August 2016
    • Speech -
      From Easter 1916 to Brexit 2016 - Reflections on Revolution
  • 02 August 2016
    • Decision -
      Decision concerning the European Commission's refusal to grant public access to documents related to its investigation of the shipment of live bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean (803/2012/TN and 369/2013/TN)
  • 25 July 2016
    • Correspondence -
      Letter from the Ombudsman to the President of the EIB on conflict of interest issues - Follow-up to her letter on proactive transparency
  • 20 July 2016
    • Decision -
      Decision in case 1742/2015/OV on the European Central Bank's refusal to grant access to documents containing detailed information on two Asset Purchase Programmes
    • Recommendation -
      Recommendation of the European Ombudsman in complaint 374/2014/DR against the European Investment Bank concerning the payment of a child allowance
  • 19 July 2016
    • -
      Proposal of the European Ombudsman for a solution in the inquiry into complaint 374/2014/PL against the European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • 15 July 2016
    • Decision -
      Decision in case 2063/2014/PMC concerning the European Commission's processing of personal data
    • Decision -
      Decision in case 139/2015/PMC concerning the European Anti-Fraud Office's (OLAF) processing of personal data
  • 14 July 2016
    • Press release -
      Ombudsman calls for more trilogues transparency