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30/11/201630/11/2016 Nueva Economia Forum event MadridSpain
24/11/201624/11/2016 European Ombudsman Address to the European Parliament StrasbourgFrance
18/11/201618/11/2016 European Commission Fundamental Rights Colloquium BrusselsBelgium
20/10/201620/10/2016 The European Ombudsman exchange of view with CoE GRECO assembly StrasbourgFrance
18/10/201618/10/2016 Disrupting Europe - Truth, Facts and Social Media BrusselsBelgium
15/10/201615/10/2016 Eisenhower Fellowships Dinner Keynote Speech DublinIreland
13/10/201613/09/2016 Book launch BrusselsBelgium
19/09/201619/09/2016 Meeting with European Policy Center BrusselsBelgium
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